May 2018 Highlights Quiz

Here are some of the highlights from our May New York auction

Here is your chance to get a sneak preview from the highlights of our May auction.

See how many you can identify from a series of photos we selected.

(The full catalog goes live on April 25)

The top viola lot from the May auction is by which celebrated maker?
Which English maker copied this classical Italian maker?
In which city was this 1730s violin made?
Hooked corners on this classical Italian violin indicate the maker is?
Which member of the Becker family made this violin?
Which Emilia Romagna maker made this violin?
Vincenzo Panormo worked in several European cities. In which city was this Panormo violin made?
Who made this attractive French violin?
This purfling is from a late 18th century violin made in which city?

This contemporary cello bow is by which maker?
Which student of the previous maker made this fine contemporary cello bow?
Previously attributed to Peccatte, this fine cello bow has been re-identified as the work of which French maker?
This distinctive bow was made by
Which 19th-century Italian maker used distinctive irregular flamed maple?

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