L’Archet Révolutionnaire Complimentary Tickets

Complimentary ticket reservation for L’Archet Révolutionnaire events is now open! Curated by Jérôme Akoka and produced by Tarisio, the exhibition features fifty 18th-century violin, viola and cello bows.

To reserve a ticket for the talks and performances on Friday & Saturday 30-31 October 2015 before the exhibition, please complete the form below. This reservation will allow you to attend all of the events on these days.

No reservation is required for the workshops and masterclasses earlier in the week or for the exhibition. For more detail please see the full Events Programme. We look forward to seeing you there!

Friday 30 October

2-3pm: Jean-François Raffin: The Tourte Family at the end of 18th century

3.15-4.15pm: Constance Frei: Bowed Instruments in Paintings; 16th-early 18th century

4.30-5.15pm: Bernard Gaudfroy: Life and Work for 18th century Parisian Bow Makers

5.15-6pm: Kai Koepp: French or German Bows for Beethoven – a Political Choice

7.30-8.30pm: Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment & Claire Holden: Music in the Salon

Saturday 31 October

12.30-2pm: The Art of Bow Making in the 18th century: Evolution or Revolution?

Round table with Jean-François Raffin, Christophe Coin, Bernard Millant Kai Koepp, Bernard Gaudfroy, Pavlo Beznosiuk, Constance Frei, Jérôme Akoka, moderated by Jason Price

2.30-4.30pm: From the Baroque to the Romantic; Playing on Original Bows
Concert-conference with Christophe Coin, Alexander Janiczek, Chouchane Siranossian, Yoko Kaneko, Claire Thirion


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