Bows by Lupot, Peccatte, Maire, Pajeot

October 1st, 2009

The wide range of excellent bows in our New York October sale includes superb examples by four of the greatest French makers.

French cello bow by François Lupot, Lot 396
French cello bow by Dominique Peccatte, Lot 397

These cello bows are a splendid pair, made by two craftsmen who worked together in Paris. François Lupot employed the young Dominique Peccatte as his assistant from the mid-1830s and they collaborated on some bows before Peccatte developed his own model. After Lupot’s death in 1838, Peccatte took over the workshop, remaining there for another ten years.

The bows are both extremely fine examples of their work. Made from the finest, most dense pernambuco, the Peccatte has strong, striking chamfers and the stick remains triangular in cross section far behind the head. The head and frog of the Lupot are distinctively full yet elegant, and, as is typical of his work, the rings of the button are hammered around an octagonal ebony core with no pearl eye at the butt.

Francois Lupot - Dominique Peccatte

French violin bow by Nicolas Remy Maire, Lot 509
French violin bow by Etienne Pajeot, Lot 510

The link between Nicolas Maire and Etienne Pajeot is even closer. Although the two were born within a decade of each other, Pajeot, who established his career very early, probably trained Maire and later employed him as an assistant. Their styles are extremely close and it seems that their collaboration developed from a master–pupil relationship to one in which each influenced the other.

These two bows demonstrate many stylistic similarities, for example the mother-of-pearl ring around the eye in the frog and the distinctive abalone used by both makers in the pearl eye. Both also have a nickel slide between the stick and the frog. The head of the Pajeot is based on a more personal design than the Maire.

All four bows will be available at our public viewings in New York, Boston, Cremona and London before the sale, as well as to view by appointment in our New York offices during October. To make an appointment, email or call +1 212 307 7224. See Coming Events for details of the public viewings.

Nicolas Maire - Etienne Pajeot