Domenico Montagnana, Venice, 1710, the 'Christie'

Violin: 59950

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Labeled, "Dominicus Montagnana. . . Cremonae, Vene. . .1725"

Back: Two-piece

Length of back: 35.6 cm


"This violin is covered in original varnish, and with the exception of the ff holes that have been slightly altered, is in an exceptionally pure state of preservation.. This superb concert violin is liberally covered with the rich red varnish typically associated with the great Venetian makers, but seldom seen in such quantity and purity. A very similar example by Montagnana can be seen on pp. 406-407 of 'Four Centuries of Violin Making', clearly showing how the lower FF holes on the Ex-Christie have been slightly altered. We are reliably informed that the sound holes can easily be restored to their former elegance."

Brompton's Fine Musical Instruments Auction Catalog, October 3, 2011, London, Brompton's Fine Musical Instruments Auction Catalog, October 3, 2011, London

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