Francesco Rugeri, Cremona, 1680, the 'Milanollo'

Small Violin: 44131

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Labeled, "Antonius Hieronymus Amatis fecit Cremona 16. . ."

Back: Two-piece with narrow irregular curl ascending from the joint

Top: of pine of narrow grain opening out towards the flanks

Scroll: of narrow fainter curl

Ribs: of wood similar to back

Varnish: Light golden-brown

Length of back: 34.4 cm

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The interior of the upper portion of the instrument is inscribed with the initials "M.M.". A book about this instrument, entitled "Antonius and Hieronymus Amati, Die 'Maria Milanollo'", was published by Albert Berr, Bad Wiessee in 1950. Only 50 copies were published in the limited edition.

Sotheby's Important Musical Instruments Auction Catalog, July 17, 1975, London, Sotheby's, London, 1975

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Current owner, Sotheby's, Edgar Wollgandt, Konrad Walfisch, Kurt Schuster, Wilhelm Hermann Hammig, Teresa Milanollo, Maria Milanollo, Domenico Dragonetti

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Known players

Maria Milanollo

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